кobson_logo.pngKoBSON (Consortium of Serbian Libraries for Coordinated Purchase) is the service under the auspices of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia  provided by Serbian libraries which allows access access to high number of foreign scientific journals, electronic books, the base of abstracts and quotes for the academic community. Due to its significance for improvement of educational and scientific-research work, KoBSON is very important as it provides optimum supply of scientific information (journals, books, data bases) for the needs of scientific-research community. More than 35,000 titles of foreign journals in full text, over 90,000 book titles and several indexed data bases (INIS, MathSciNet, Medline, SciFinder, Scopus, SCIndeks, Web of Science) are available via KoBSON. Also, KoBSON’s main goal is  to promote scientific publications of researchers working in Serbia, by following their published papers that are being referenced to in WoS and keeping track of how many times these papers are cited on a monthly basis. 

AMRES has exclusive right to provide access to KoBSON for its users, using one of the possibilities listed below:

! Warning: It is strictly prohibited to download all papers from one issue of journal (from cover to cover), as it could result in revocation of access to that service for the whole Serbian academic community.