The Connectivity Service to AMRES Infrastructure

The connectivity service to AMRES infrastructure includes the following elements:

  • physical or logical connection of LAN network of AMRES users to AMRES infrastructure with the bandwidth which is currently not limited and which depends on technology on AMRES PoPs,
  • interconnectivity of AMRES users, as well as their connectivity with other academic, scientific-research and education institutions in the Republic of Serbia, all over Europe and all over the world, including the one with the Internet  as well,
  • assignment of IPv4 address as well as IPv6 address range if technical conditions of AMRES user allow this,
  • possibility of using  AMRES DNS servers on end users‘ devices with the aim of translating Internet domains into IP address,
  • going to the Internet via AMRES Web-proxy,
  • filtering of network traffic  aimed at protection of network and server infrastructure of  AMRES users and of AMRES end users against attack from the Internet,
  • Regular monitoring of external connections, the backbone of AMRES network and connection with AMRES users.

The Procedure of Connection to AMRES Infrastructure

Only AMRES users have right to connect to AMRES infrastructure. User who wants to be connected to AMRES infrastructure submits filled in application for connection to  AMRES infrastructure (Serbian version only). If the user has several locations that wants to connect to AMRES infrastructure, it should submits new application for every new location.

Application should be submitted:

  • in person or by mail to the address Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 90, 11000 Beograd, or
  • by email to the address If the application was sent in electronic form, original of the application should be sent by mail.

AMRES will make proposal of technical solution for connection of AMRES user to AMRES infrastructure based on data contained in applicant’s request, physical and logical topology of AMRES network, physical and technical capacity of PoPs of AMRES infrastructure, equipment and links, and in accordance with Financial Plan and Annual Program of Maintenance, Organization and Functioning of AMRES for the current year.

There are two types of connection of AMRES users to AMRES infrastructure which are established by Rule Book on General Rules on Access to and Using of AMRES Services (Serbian version only):

  • Type 1 connection: connection of users to the infrastructure where the costs of rental of communication connection to AMRES infrastructure, in accordance with Financial Plan, are borne by AMRES or where rental is provided via special projects or donations.
  • Type 2 connection 2: connection of users to the infrastructure where costs of rental of communication connection to AMRES infrastructure are borne by AMRES user.

The AMRES Managing Board makes decision about proposal of technical solution for connection of AMRES user to AMRES infrastructure and about the connection method. After that, the proposal of technical solution is sent to AMRES user and if the user accepts proposed technical solution, “Agreement on Connection to AMRES Infrastructure”, which further defines rights and liabilities of AMRES users, is signed. After that, the stage of making connection is started. AMRES user may use other AMRES services as well, for which it should sign special agreements.