Sending Large Files Via FileSender Service

FileSender.pngFileSender  is a service provided byAMRES that  allows end users to send large files. This service is intended for sending large files which primarily include data collected for scientific-research purpose, data that integrate multimedia contents as well as other cases when sending of files is not possible or appropriate by using usual data sending tools, such as email.

FileSender service is not designed for safe archiving of files or for sending files which should be permanently available. In order to enable sending, all files sent by  FileSender service are stored temporarily and deleted after expiry date defined in  technical characteristics of FileSender service, irrespective of the fact whether they were previously downloaded.

FileSender service is available to all AMRES end users, but the precondition is that institution where end user works or studies enables him/her to log in to the service via  iAMRES Identity Federation. AMRES end user may issue voucher to another person (who does not have possibility to log in to the service), which enables him/her to send files via  FileSender service. 

How FileSender Service worksFileSender service is available at address and you have to log in to the service by using digital identity issued to you by your institution or by using voucher that you previously obtained from other AMRES end user. FileSender is an easy-to-use service: you have to select file or archive that you want to send and to enter email address of the person you want to send file to. After sending of file, it is temporarily stored within AMRES datacenter, and the recipient will receive automatically generated email with the link to the file to be downloaded.

In order to send files via FileSender service, you must use Internet browser which supports Adobe Flash or HTML5, while this support is not necessary for downloading files.

More information about how this service works can be found in Instructions for Using AMRES FileSender Service (Serbian version only).

Technical Characteristics of FileSender Service

In accordance with capacities within AMRES data center, there are certain limits for file sending:

  • Maximum file size per upload, with browser which supports Adobe Flash is 2GB,
  • Maximum file size per upload, with browser which supports HTML5 is 10GB,
  • Maximum number of days after which files are deleted and vouchers expire 14 days,
  • Maximum number of recipients is 100 recipients (addresses should be separated with „;“)
  • User may send maximum one file simultaneously. For transfer of several files, compress them into a single archive previously.

Terms of Use

Use of FileSender service must be in accordance with  AMRES FileSender Service (Serbian version onlyterms of use.