Support service (helpdesk) is the primary contact for AMRES users and end-users. Helpdesk works 24/7 and its functions are:

  • Providing information regarding AMRES services;
  • Gathering security incident reports and problems regarding AMRES infrastructure and service functionality;
  • Constant monitoring of AMRES infrastructure and service functionality;
  • Typical problem and security incident troubleshooting, as well as informing AMRES engineers about more complex issues;
  • Informing AMRES users about problems regarding AMRES infrastructure and service functionality.

Helpdesk is available on:

  • E-mail: Request processing is done through our ticketing system in the fastest and most efficient way;
  • In the most urgent cases, or when e-mail is not available (eg. dead AMRES link), helpdesk can be reached at the following phone number: 011 7158 954.

Helpdesk service is usually contacted by technical personnel designated by AMRES users.

AMRES end-users should contact technical support in their own institution, which then forwards relevant problems to AMRES. The only exception are services which AMRES directly provides for end-users, and is explicitly named as the primary support for those services.