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Kobson - access to international journals

KoBSON enables access to a great number of international scientific journals with complete texts, electronic books, and to the database of abridgements and quotes.

KoBSON supports 20 services which contains over 20.000 foreign scientific journals with complete texts about every area of science and about 6.000 electronic books. Also, it enables access to database of abridgements and quotes: Web of Science, Scopus, Medline and SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts from year 1906).

KoBSON provides optimal acquiring of scientific information (journals, books, databases) for science and research society needs. Whole system is financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, in coordination with the Ministry of Science. Thus, using the KoBSON service is allowed only to AMRES individual users.

Due to the importance of improving the science and research work, KoBSON represents one of the most important services of AMRES, which gives additional quality to the Academic Network of Serbia regarding the Internet service providers.


KoBSON service is hosted by the National library of Serbia and is reachable on following addresses:


Full access to KoBSON services is available from any computer in all AMRES member institutions.It is necessary to enter the proxy server of one of AMRES service centers in the browser. The manual for configuring proxy servers can be found here.


You can access KoBSON service when you are at home, bussines trip etc., by one of two means:



It is forbidden to download all works from one journal (from end to end) because it can lead to abolition of access to that service for the whole Academic society of Serbia.