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DNS service enables unique mapping of computer and domain names into Internet addresses.

AMRES DNS service is related to:

  • hosting of domains of member institutions (e.g. "")
  • usage by the end-user

Hosting domains of member institutions

AMRES members have the posibility of hosting their Internet domains on AMRES DNS servers. As a part of this service, configuration and administration of AMRES member's DNS domains includes:

  • Primary DNS server for AMRES members that are not able to setup this service on their location (e.g. due to bad connections, lack of server or administrator, etc.).
NOTE: Mutual interest is to create possibility of transfering primary DNS service in the vicinity of individual institutions, i.e. AMRES members getting all conditions needed for control and responsibility in the equipment maintaince.
  • Secondary DNS server for all AMRES members, external users and other partner organisations, as a reduntant service compared to the primary DNS that is in the vicinity of individual institutions. 

Usage by the end-user

An end user should have a configured DNS server in order to access the Internet in a regular manner which will be used for the purpose of translating Internet names to Internet addresses.

AMRES users usually use DNS severs of the parent institution. If this is not the case, it is possible to use one of the AMRES DNS servers (how?). 

AMRES DNS servers 

AMRES DNS servers are realised in the AMRES main node RCUB (Belgrade) and regional nodes in other universty computing centres ARMUK (Kragujevac), CIT-UNS (Novi Sad) and JUNIS (Niš) which include:

  • or ( - hardware platform of high performances
  • ( or (
  • (
  • ( or (